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Tues-Sat 11AM - 6PM


5024 General Store is a Skateboard Shop found in the heart of the prairies, in the town of Lacombe, AB. In-store you can find the latest trends in skateboards and fashion, and a full service espresso bar. We focus on being a store that EVERYONE feels welcome in and creating a supportive, kind community.

*Read more below about how 5024 was created. 



5024 Dreams

5024 General Store was created by Spencer & Karlee Rennie in 2021. After spending their twenties soaking up everything they could learn, see, and do they decided to settle in the prairie town on Lacombe, Alberta. 

Born in Red Deer, Karlee Spent her summers in Central Alberta trying to convince anyone she could to buy her a horse. Being raised in Edmonton, that dream fizzled when she was old enough to stay in the city over the summers and she started chasing other dreams. She went to school for Culinary Arts, and then studied Conservation Biology. She is passionate about a lot but more so anything that has to do with nature, animals, culture, and community. After building up her career for a few years she took a position with a non-profit in Vancouver, BC as a Wildlife Education Director. Two years later she gave up her dream career to go back to the country. 

Her husband Spencer is a little more steady. He was raised in the same house and family cabin that his dad was. Skateboarding and snowboarding have been his passions for as long as he can remember and for years you could find him at the skatepark in the summer and hitting street rails on his snowboard in the winter. He studied Business in hopes of getting a job in the snowboarding industry and was successful in landing a career as a distributor for snowboard brands. 

In May of 2021 they stopped in Lacombe to grab a bouquet of flowers from Dutchess Flower Company. Spencer had spent many days at the Lacombe Skatepark but had never ventured downtown. Karlee had spent so many summers in Lacombe, she didn't find the need to. While walking around, they noticed 5024 50th Street was for sale. A unique black and white art deco store front and original 1912 tin ceiling tiles were the first things that caught their eyes. Like many times before, they spent the rest of their drive to Canmore that day discussing what they do with the space. Keep in mind, they had done this about 5024 times before. So many dreams and ideas, never the right time. 

They decided it wouldn't hurt to check out the property and booked a viewing with the realtor. The were a few more details involved but quick version is this. They cancelled the 250 person wedding they had tried to plan 3 times over covid. They took off to Mexico and eloped. Karlee quit her job, moved back to Edmonton and they got to work on 5024 General Store, a third wave espresso bar, and community focused Skate Shop. The name was inspired by the 1912 building, "5024" after the address and "General Store" as an ode to the S.M. Murray General Store, one of the first businesses to inhabit the building. 

Karlee would dream it and design it, and Spencer would build it. They spent months learning how to open a business, months inside building stores choosing the perfect items, tasting coffee, buying products and everything in between. In May 2022 they moved out to their acreage. Karlee finally got the horses she had dreamed of her whole life, Spencer was ready to open the Skate Shop of his dreams and on July 21st they opened the doors of 5024 General Store for the first time. 

There are very few words on a screen that can explain the next few months. To say that they were wholly supported by the community would be a massive understatement. There were flowers all over the counter for weeks, hugs, smiles, gifts, handshakes, beverages, and every symbol of "congratulations" you can imagine. 

They chose Lacombe for a reason. They followed their hearts and their passions. They gave up on societal "stability", took a massive leap into the unknown, and they trusted that it would all work out. And what do you know? It did.